Definitely, Maybe

The first thing our hero does after his divorce papers are delivered to his office, is dash off to school to pick up his daughter. Problem is, this elementary school has just conducted its first sex education class, so some of the parents are irate, some of the children are traumatized and it initiates a father/daughter discussion that is notable for its blunt, clinical language which describes various body parts and functions. That said, let's talk about the movie.

Canadian Ryan Reynolds ("The In-Laws"-2003 and "Chaos Theory") is a father who has two days a week custody of his daughter, played by Abigail Breslin ("Little Miss Sunshine" and "No Reservations"). Because of the sex ed class, their after-school walk to his New York apartment is laced with more and more searching questions from daughter to father which then prompt her to ask how he met her mother. Of course his version is filled with euphemisms and evasions, but she is pretty focused on learning what she wants to know, so after warning her that he will use fictitious names, he starts out, "Once upon a time..."

We then flash back eleven or twelve years earlier where we are treated to the New York State primary election campaign of Bill Clinton as the Democrat candidate for President, the evolution of cell phones into common usage, the arrival (and departure) of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, news clips ("I did not have sexual relations with that woman"), pro- political chats, anti-political chats, and the usual ups and downs in the whole mating game of young adults. Actually, Kevin Kline ("Life as a House" and "A Prairie Home Companion") plays a not-so-young adult who is also playing the same game, but that's another story...

The three major players in this fellow's game are portrayed by Elizabeth Banks ("Seabiscuit" and "Spiderman, 1 & 2"), Isla Fisher ("Wedding Crashers" and "The Lookout"), and Rachel Weisz ("About a Boy," and "The Fountain"). His best friend is played by Derek Luke ("Friday Night Lights" and "Glory Road").

Of course Abigail Breslin is wonderful as the curious little girl and Ryan Reynolds is certainly acceptable as her father and as a lovelorn swain... when he can figure out which woman he currently loves.

I enjoyed the trips down memory lane as much as the flimsy story. Everyone is attractive, New York is photogenic, we are treated to pleasant, humorous dialogue and all in all, I had a nice time.