P.S. I Love You

Yup. It's a Chick Flick, but it's tough for me to evaluate. First of all, I really like Gerard Butler ("Dear Frankie" and "300"), so I wanted to SWOON...

As you already know from the trailers, Hillary Swank ("Million-Dollar Baby" and "Iron-Jawed Angels") is Holly, an American college student who is lucky enough to meet Gerry (Butler is Scottish, but playing Irish) on a country road while traveling the Emerald Isle.

Ten years later they have been married for a few years and she is in a snit because he said something to her mother played by Kathy Bates ("Green-Fried Tomatoes" and "Primary Colors") which implied that Holly was not yet ready for a baby. Even though it is true, Holly has a temper tantrum and Gerry tries his best to fix things. All of his attempts fail until he does a comic strip tease, which finally appeases her.

As you know, within two years he is dead of a brain tumor and she starts receiving mysterious letters and packages from him. He has anticipated her reaction to his death and is trying to help her from beyond the grave.

I particularly liked Daniel, played by Harry Connick Jr. ("Hope Floats" and "Little Man Tate") He seems to be suffering from a mild form of Asperger's, so he lacks the internal editor that most of us have which prevents us from blurting out little bits of hurtful truth. He explains to Holly that he is aware of it and is taking medication for it. She ponders that and says, "Pills to cure rudeness?"

Swank gives it all she's got; everyone is attractive; Ireland is appealing; Butler sings and clowns; Harry Connick Jr. is very funny; so why didn't I swoon? I'd have to (reluctantly) say it's a near miss. Maybe it's because the leads are so clearly playing beneath their regular game....Oh well, rent the DVD when it becomes available; you will still find it mildly entertaining...