Elvis, The Miniseries

In case any of you doubt the abilities of Jonathan Rhys Meyers ("Bend it Like Beckham," "Match Point" and "Vanity Fair,"), take a look at this 2005 STARZ television miniseries, the only biography authorized by the Presley family. Rhys Meyers won a well-deserved Golden Globe for his portrayal of The King that spans from his early days at Sun Records to his Las Vegas beginnings.

Along with Rhys Meyers, Camryn Manheim ("Dark Water," "An Unfinished Life" and a couple of TV series) is flawless as "Mama" Presley, doting on her Mama's Boy, Elvis, and Robert Patrick ("Shawshank Redemption" and "Terminator II") as Vernon Presley, the overlooked Daddy. Randy Quaid ("Brokeback Mountain" and "Goya's Ghosts") is absolutely smarmy as "Colonel" Tom Parker in all his devious glory.

My only disappointments were that Priscilla wasn't nearly as pretty in the movie as she was in real life and the actress playing Ann-Margret didn't come CLOSE!

Rhys Meyers has the voice, the delivery and the attitude down pat. He is close enough in his appearance that they were able to use clips of the real Elvis on occasion and it didn't grate. You see the beginnings of Elvis's "posse" and how he dealt with almost paralyzing stage fright. You also see the beginnings of his drug usage by doctor's prescriptions. He even had a Pharmacy Guide to keep from making any mistakes! You will appreciate that Rhys Meyers' lip-synching is spot on and his stage movements have been carefully learned.

I'll bet the rental places have this treasure. Give it a try!