The Pursuit of Happyness

Yes, it's misspelled...it matches the misspelling on the sign of the daycare center where Will Smith ("Men in Black" and "Hitch") takes his son, played by his real-life son, Jaden.

"The Pursuit of Happyness" is based on an autobiography written by the fellow who experienced the events we see in this movie. As we watch the events unfold, we watch Smith's character try to explain them to his wife, played by Thandie Newton ("Crash" and "The Trouble With Charlie"), who can only see the frustrating results, not the events that lead to them. Ultimately, she leaves him to struggle alone, trying to support himself and their small son.

As Smith's character sinks lower and lower, finally sleeping in the men's room in a subway station with his little boy, he has decided he will become a stock broker. As he smooth-talks his way into the intern program at Smith Barney, he doesn't realize it isn't a paying position. This means his financial situation isn't going to get better right away!

At no time does this man ever blame his dilemma on anyone else. This movie is about being accountable for your own actions, loving your family, showing tenacity and above all, demonstrating grace under fire. Smith's character never blames "Whitey" and the white folks with whom he interacts are fairly presented and are helpful, fair and supportive. AND Will Smith himself actually solves the Rubic's Cube onscreen with no outside assistance! This was a significant achievement in the biographer's life, which marked a turning point.

Will Smith is a savvy man; he has made intuitive choices that have served his career and his reputation extremely well. This is the fifth or sixth year in a row where he has been featured in a blockbuster. What a guy!

THIS is a movie that is heartwarming!