The Producers

When I saw this movie at the cinema, most of the attendees were aficionados of musical theatre, consequently, after a big production number, we would actually applaud as though we were in a "live" performance. We were struck by the oh-so-clever choreography of the wonderful Susan Stroman who did the honors for Mel Brooks and his Broadway version, then was handed carte blanche to develop the new, more elaborate one we see on film. To say that she is creative and resourceful is a major understatement. Let's hear it for this next generation of choreographers breathing new life into Broadway!

When watching the DVD of this movie, I was suddenly amazed by the terrific lyrics and music written by Mr. B himself! I didn't "get" them in the theatre because I was too busy being overwhelmed by the comedy, the choreography and the clever performances by all of the principals: Matthew Broderick (you have NEVER seen a security blanket better used!), Nathan Lane (how he avoids a stroke with all of that prancing, I'll never know!), Uma Thurman (who has legs that go "all the way to her ass," to quote the late, not-so-great John Bramlet), and Will Ferrell (terrible German accent, pathetic yodeling and stylish lederhosen) as the unrepentant Nazi who writes "Springtime For Hitler," the show that is guaranteed to fail. Having the captions turned on will give you the specifically naughty lyrics Mel Brooks wrote for each production number. He's really BAD!

If you ever doubted Stroman's abilities as a choreographer, take a gander at how efficiently she has all those old ladies tapping their walkers in synch!

Need I remind you? This is MEL BROOKS, so there is no depth to which he wouldn't stoop! No political correctness, no tender sensibilities, no ox left un-gored... This is colorful, funny, crass and entertaining. Uma will surprise you, too!