The Fountain

Let's start with the good stuff:
  • Hugh Jackman ("X-Men") is a fine actor and he's gorgeous, although there are no "money shots" here...sorry.
  • The camera loves Rachel ("About a Boy") Weisz's face and she is a highly capable actor. (This movie was directed by her husband, Darren Aronofsky ("Requiem for a Dream".)
  • Ellen Burstyn ("Spitfire Grill") is holding up well.
Now, here are some "spoilers."
  • Too many fluids - tears, spit, snot, puddles, ponds, blood, surgical cleansers, tree sap, have I missed anything?
  • Too arcane, muddled, incomprehensible, and "woo woo."
  • No clear narrative - just Hugh Jackman looking terribly concerned ...most the time.
  • If it wasn't a doleful string quartet playing chamber music, it was a New Age orchestra going nowhere.
  • Too much CGI - too many patterns of bright light ebbing and flowing.
  • Terrible sound - most dialogue is whispered, thus muttered, distorted, and indecipherable.
  • No captions - without which there is no way to understand the complicated story.
  • Hugh Jackman periodically shows up floating in a bubble, bald, serene, and in a full lotus position.
  • The sap from the Tree of Life causes flowers to pop from the ground.
  • When ingested, those same flowers erupt from one's torso, ala "Alien," then from the mouth, nose and eyes.
Between murderous Incas and self-flagellating priests, it's enough to put one off religion for life!
Any questions?
* * * * * * * * * * * *
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