The Departed

Martin Scorsese loves violent movies and he makes them a LOT! This time he has Matt Damon -- doing a terrific job as a Mob "mole" placed in the Boston PD; and Leonardo DiCaprio -- doing an even better job in a sympathetic role as a Boston PD "mole" placed in the Mob; and Jack Nicholson -- who has become an ugly, ugly parody of himself as a brutal and nutso Irish "capo"; and Martin Sheen -- being a corrupt police official; and Mark Walberg -- who will never be Marky Mark again. He's all grown up and doing fine work. In fact, his character is actually semi-sympathetic and the only one who doesn't get "popped."

Suffice it to say, Boston looks gritty and dangerous, the police force is shown to be corrupt to the core, and everyone dies. This is the remake of the Japanese film whose name escapes me right now. I'm sure you haven't seen IT, either!

Nuff said? Yuck! But beautifully shot and acted.

Whew! I just saved you the price of a ticket. My companion was shocked that everyone died but it said so in the newspaper! She just hadn't read the article.