"Millions" is an Irish movie about a little boy whose mother is dead. He lives in a quasi-dream state, and has the occasional chat with various dead Catholic saints.

England is going to be converting its money within the next couple of weeks and as people turn in their old pound notes, the government is transporting them by train to be burned. There is a clever robbery at the train station which diverts police attention from the train itself.

One of the robbers stays on the train where he starts systematically tossing off duffle bags of the money along the tracks. The little boy finds one and thinks God has given him a miracle.

The story becomes funny, exciting, sweet, etc., etc. The little boy is darling and his older brother has the right combination of vinegar and smarts to offset the sweetness. For those folks who don't buy into the miracle explanation, the moral dilemma is: the money doesn't belong to anyone now, it is going to be burned anyway, so why not keep it?

One of the robbers figures out the boys have one of the bags of the money and is hot on their trail. The little boy wants to give the money to various charities while the older one wants to buy real estate or put it into a savings account but he is under age. The father is clueless about what they have done until it's almost too late. I enjoyed it.