Always Be My Maybe

As a general rule, romantic comedies offer two things: 1) Predictability 2) An interesting path from Points A to Z. This one is no different. Point A is the childhood of two neighbors. These children play together, get into mischief together and as young adults, have "A Moment."

Director Nahnatchka Khan ("Fresh off the Boat"), working with a script from a trio of writers, has fashioned a pleasant little comedy with an unexpected twist or two. I think I'll leave it to you to discover those for yourself; how do you spell "BIG spoiler!"

Some of her cast:
  • Ali Wong ("American Housewife") Sasha had to do her own cooking since she was tall enough to reach the kitchen counter; her creation with Spam told me she had a future (the little umbrella tipped me off). Her parents are preoccupied with chasing the American Dream.
  • Randall Park ("Long Shot") Marcus lives next door. His parents are the closest thing to a mother and father Sasha has ever had; she learned to cook from his mom. He works for his dad during the week and has a garage band that plays local gigs on the weekend. He hates chi chi restaurants with teeny portions and pretentious menus.
  • James Saito (Lots of TV) Harry is Marcus's father. He is hard-working, decent, and always thought those two kids would end up together.
  • Daniel Dae Kim ("Hawaii Five-O") Brandon is engaged to Sasha. That's handy because he is a successful restaurant developer and she is quickly becoming a name brand. Now he thinks maybe he needs a few months off.
  • Vivian Bang ("White Rabbit") Jenny dates Marcus. She is the catalyst for the big spoiler!
  • Casey Wilson (Lots of TV) Chloe is the best personal assistant anyone could hope for.  Sasha is a lucky gal. . . sorta. . .
This is rated PG-13, so expect a bit of profanity, a bit of sex, and a bit of drug use (they smoke pot), but no vehicular mayhem, gunshots or blowie uppie stuff. Harmless diversion...
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Here's how it looks:
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