Long Shot

So 12-year-old Fred had a crush on his babysitter. Imagine seeing her again, now that he is grown and she is running for President. She has become a world-class figure, articulate and well-traveled. He knows he isn't handsome, so he shoots for Charming.

Director Jonathan Levine ("50/50" which is unexpectedly good, by the way), working with a script from Dan Sterling ("The Interview") and Liz Hannah ("The Post"), hits his target with this R-rated long shot.

Levine's cast:
  • Charlize Theron ("Atomic Blonde") Charlotte Field is in a pressure cooker situation. She needs someone she trusts to help with her speeches. She works for a ninny and has very strong idealistic beliefs.
  • Seth Rogen (Lots of TV) Fred Flarsky is a recently fired journalist; his employer has been bought out and the buyer is diametrically opposed to Fred's beliefs. Charlotte hopes he can cobble together some campaign-winning speeches.
  • June Diane Rafael ("Grace and Frankie") Maggie Millikin is Charlotte's outspoken wingman. She likens a relationship between Carlotte and Fred to a pairing of Kate Middleton with Danny DeVito.
  • O'Shea Jackson Jr. ("Straight Outta Compton" He played his father Ice Cube.) Lance is Fred's best friend, but after a shocking confession, the friendship is strained. (Made me smile...)
  • Bob Okenkirk (Lots of TV) President Chambers is assessing his career and wants to take a daring step.
  • Andy Serkis ("Black Panther") Parker Wembley is the guy we love to hate and Serkis never fails to impress.
  • Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd ("Little White Lies") Prime Minister James Steward is ready to share his REAL laugh with Secretary Field. (They both have image consultants; she has to work on her wave.)
This is rated "R" so expect profanity, profanity and profanity. No blowie uppie stuff, vehicular mayhem or fisticuffs, but plenty of profanity. There are some laugh-out-loud moments and Theron is excellent. The audience where I saw this film left the theater bemused, because we very much want idealism in American politics.
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