Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Here is a new twist. Ethan and his regular cohorts have to race against time when a mission goes wrong. Yeah... I know... I've come to realize that clichés become clichés because they are devices that work.

Writer/director Christopher McQuarrie (Oscar for "The Usual Suspects") is back directing another slam-bang actioner for Tom Cruise. They have been an extremely successful team ("Mission Impossible," "Edge of Tomorrow," "Valkyrie," and "Jack Reacher"), and in my opinion, they've done it again. The Mission Impossible team knows by now "if it ain't broke..." So they bring us interesting locations: London, Paris, Kashmir. White-knuckle chase scenes: motorcycle, helicopter, automobile, parkour. Battles: bare knuckle, gun, knife and wits. Also the time-tested countdown, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, ...you know the drill.

Part of McQuarrie's huge cast:
  • Tom Cruise ("American Made") Ethan will never give up. But we already know that. 
  • Henry Cavill ("Justice League") August has a problem bringing in witnesses...alive! 
  • Ving Rhames ("Guardians of the Galaxy") Luther can be counted on to trust his boss. 
  • Simon Pegg ("Star Trek") Benji just can't stay out of danger, no matter how hard he tries. 
  • Angela Bassett ("Black Panther") Erica never cuts the IM crew any slack. 
  • Alec Baldwin ("Will & Grace") Alan doesn't want to regret transferring from the CIA 
  • Rebecca Ferguson ("The Greatest Showman") Ilsa is a worthy agent. I'm always surprised. 
  • Sean Harris ("Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation") Solomon Lane says "The greater the suffering, the greater the peace," and he is willing to suffer. 
  • Vanessa KIrby ("The Crown") White Widow always negotiates for the best terms. 
  • Michelle Monaghan ("Saint Judy") Yes, we get to see Julia again! 
As you can see by the preview, the action never lets up....for two and a half hours! Cruise likes to be in PG-13 films, so expect fisticuffs, vehicular mayhem, aerial stunts, gunfire and blowie uppie stuff, but very little profanity, drugs or sex. As usual, each action sequence runs longer than necessary. I could easily cut 30 minutes of running time, but no one asked...

The screening audience left the theater excited, vocal and happy.
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