Incredibles 2

I guess all bets are off when Pixar does a sequel. Think "Cars 2" and "Toy Story 3" (...sob..). Here we are 14 years later (they point this out in a little introduction done by the actors), no one is older, but unemployment looms (superheroes are still illegal). Helen/Elastigirl is offered a job, so Bob/Mr. Incredible agrees to be a house husband.

Oscar-winning writer/director Brad Bird ("Ratatouille") once again takes the helm, so we know we are in highly capable hands as we happily allow ourselves to revisit the Parr family in another Pixar-animated bit of PG-rated magic.

Part of Bird's brilliant cast:
  • Craig T. Nelson ("Book Club") Bob/Mr. Incredible does his best with their youngsters, but Violet is a tween with all THAT implies, Dash needs help with his homework (New Math!), and Jack Jack is pure unlimited potential.
  • Holly Hunter ("The Big Sick") Helen/Elastigirl enjoys being away from the house and is delighted to help boost the image of superheroes so they can become legal again. The Pixar artists have captured Hunter's mouth so perfectly it's hard to believe it's animation.
  • Samuel L. Jackson ("The Hitman's Bodyguard") Lucius/Frozone turns up at the right time. He modestly tells one character, "You're my biggest fan!"
  • Bob Odenkirk ("Better Call Saul") Winston is an enthusiastic advocate for superheroes, he wants to make them legal again; "We've got resources, lobbyists and insurance."
  • Catherine Keener ("Get Out") Evelyn invents stuff; her brother Winston is in marketing.
  • Jonathan Banks ("Breaking Bad") Someone tells Rick, "Ya want out of a hole, ya better put down the shovel!"
The villain of this one is a creature called the Screenslaver who uses hypnotic glasses to make his victims do his bidding. To me that is almost incidental. Once again I was awed by Pixar's dazzling artistry: look at those waffles, watch that raccoon, and again, see Elastigirl speak!

By the way, the screening I attended included a charming Asian short called "Bao." Don't miss it.
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See what I mean:
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