Logan Lucky

I love a good heist movie and Steven Soderbergh is the master ("Ocean's 11, 12, and 13"). This time, instead of the elegantly slick characters we enjoyed in those films, we are now treated to a Southern-fried cast, sort of an "Ocean's 7-11" but the heist itself is just as fun. To remind us where we are, they mention John Denver's "Country Roads (West Virginia)" as a family favorite.

The mysterious Rebecca Blunt (who may or may not exist) is credited with the screenplay about three siblings whose family seems to be jinxed. Does that jinx extend to the Charlotte Motor Speedway?

Part of Soderbergh's cast:
  • Channing Tatum ("Magic Mike") is Jimmy, a gimpy vet who was injured in the military. His ex-wife has custody of their daughter and might be moving to another state. This decent fellow has just been laid off and REALLY needs some money. In his opinion, NASCAR is made of money!
  • Adam Driver ("Girls") Clyde lost the lower part of his arm in Iraq and is working as a one-armed bartender (his prosthesis is cosmetic). He isn't the brightest bulb in the box. 
  • Riley Keough ("Mad Max: Fury Road") Their lovely sister Mellie is a hairdresser who seems to have avoided the family jinx...so far. 
  • Katie Holmes ("The Kennedys") Ex-wife Bobbie Jo has married a successful businessman and has been awarded custody of their girl. 
  • Farrah Mackenzie ("Please Stand By") Sadie is their beloved daughter: smart, talented, and devoted to her daddy. Watch her hand him tools as he repairs a car. 
  • Seth MacFarlane ("Family Guy") is the egotistical race car driver Max Chilblain
  • Jeff Gordon plays himself (a race car driver), who butts heads with Max
  • Daniel Craig ("Cowboys & Aliens") Explosives expert Joe Bang is the key to this heist. Problem is, he's in jail. He's pretty sure his brothers can help.
In my opinion, Craig is a revelation. I first realized what a fine actor he was when I saw his wrenching portrayal of doomed, convicted murderer and would-be artist Perry Smith as he is wheedled into interviews by Toby Jones' Truman Capote in "Infamous," for Capote's best seller "In Cold Blood." Both then and now, Craig's southern accent is understated and authentic. He seems to be having a whee of a time in this one! (James Bond was a sidetrack,)

In this R-rated actioner, the heist is complex, the dialogue is fun, and the end is satisfying. No vehicular mayhem, few fisticuffs, hardly any profanity, and just a bit of blowie uppie stuff. What more can we want?
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