A "Monday Morning Quarterback" is someone who criticizes and says how he would have done something better or differently after the event has passed. Keep that in mind!

Legendary director (four Oscars) Clint Eastwood ("American Sniper") brings us the story of what happened to the people involved after the "happily ever after" Miracle on the Hudson. Based on Chesley Sullenberger's book "Highest Duty," we start with the events that transpired after a jetliner encountered a flock of geese and had less than 3 1/2 minutes to make a forced landing on the Hudson River. Algorithms used by Monday Morning Quarterbacks show there was no need to land on the river.

Part of Eastwood's cast:
  • Tom Hanks ("Captain Phillips") Sully is an experienced pilot (1,000,000 passengers over 40 years) who follows procedure and sticks to his guns even during the subsequent hearing.
  • Aaron Eckhart ("Courage") Jeff Skiles is Sully's co-pilot, happy to be back in New York....alive! He is a loyal and professional friend. Their emergency actions look choreographed, but it is a well-rehearsed procedure for all pilots.
  • Laura Linney ("Mr. Holmes") Sully's wife Lorraine, besieged by the press in the family home, has to watch her husband attacked and second guessed on New York television.
  • Anna Gunn, Mike O'Malley and Jamie Sheridan are the three lead interrogators. Our screening audience groaned at their snide suppositions and their blind trust in the flight simulator.
  • Chris Bauer ("The People v. O.J. Simpson") Sully is lucky to have Larry on his side! You'll see that midnight call is warranted...
  • Patch Darragh (Lots of TV) Patrick Harten is the Air Traffic Controller who first hears "Mayday!" from US Airways Flight 1549. We share his incredulity as he grasps the magnitude of the problem and instantly sets about to resolve it.
This 93-minute, PG-13 movie (which should be shortlisted for Best Picture in next year's Oscars), makes us proud to be human beings and Eastwood once again demonstrates why he is held in such high regard: Not one scene is wasted nor is there any unnecessary dialogue, while the central issue remains crystal clear.

Oh, keep in mind that you will have over 150 people to root for, along with the fine folks of New York City. You can't beat THAT! Be sure to stay for the reunion held by the REAL passengers and crew as they celebrate their gratitude and loyalty to the modest gentleman who kept them alive.
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