Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

151 minutes of Computer Generated Imaging! How lucky can we be? When The Dark Knight battles The Man of Steel, they make mincemeat of either Metropolis or Gotham City, I wasn't sure which. Much of the dialogue is lost in the overwhelming noise of their many many battles, both individually and against each other.

Batman observes that Superman isn't concerned enough about collateral damage (civilians hurt or killed), so he decides to take action.  Director Zack Snyder ("Man of Steel") working from a script by a committee of six (!), shows us what happens when our superhero is threatened with interference.

Here is part of the huge cast:
  • Henry Cavill ("The Man from Uncle") Clark Kent/Superman does NOT agree that he should have oversight. In fact, he takes strong exception to the idea! But he does admit that he goes a bit too far when Lois Lane is in jeopardy.
  • Ben Affleck ("Gone Girl") Bruce Wayne/Batman is sure he's doing the right thing. Superman's reluctance to be supervised only proves his point! This Dark Knight is very dark indeed. (I wish they didn't garble his voice each time he dons his disguise.)
  • Amy Adams ("American Hustle") Lois Lane is in a quandary. She is aware of Clark Kent's secret identity, but can't tell anyone. In the meantime, she's a dauntless journalist who endangers herself and as a result, Superman's reputation.
  • Diane Lane ("Trumbo") Clark's Kansas mother Martha Kent tells her boy that people hate what they don't understand.
  • Laurence Fishburne ("Black-ish") Newspaper editor Perry White has an ace reporter he's proud of (Lane) and one that seems to need to be propped up occasionally (Kent). His biggest problem is the newspaper's falling subscription base.
  • Jeremy Irons ("Margin Call") Bruce Wayne needs the faithful (and efficient!) Alfred, who is as adept with electronics as with all other aspects of Wayne's life.
  • Jesse Eisenberg ("The Social Network") Lex Luthor is an essential part of the story: you can't have heroes without villains! It looks to me like Eisenberg wants to OWN this jerky twitchy unpredictable version!
  • Holly Hunter ("Manglehorn") Senator Finch says she can wrestle a pig, among other things; furthermore she is convinced that congressional oversight is exactly what is needed to control Superman.
  • Gal Gadot ("Furious 7") Diana Prince/Wonder Woman is also in the mix, although she tries to keep a low profile.
This chapter will launch a whole new franchise for the Justice League but I will admit to CGI overload. When a mortal is fighting a superman, he has to throw everything at him but the kitchen sink. Well... actually.... hmmm...

This is rated PG-13, so you can expect bloody violence, kill shots that turn away just in time to miss the spatter, no nudity, no profanity and no sweaty bodies. However, expect lots (and lots) of vehicular mayhem, gruesome monsters, collapsing skyscrapers, gunfights and blowie uppie stuff. I hit sensory overload very near the beginning, so be warned... By the way, it also includes the traumatic event in Bruce Wayne's childhood that launched Batman's crime-fighting career. And yes, it includes more point-blank gunshots.
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