Let me start out with a warning: Despite this being a Marvel production, this black-humored comic Sci-Fi actioner is R-rated because it's based on an anti-hero instead of a hero. That being said, you should expect an ultra-violent, ultra-profane, ultra-funny horror movie (with nudity). And yes, it's just as jumbled as that, but it sorted itself out and our screening audience exited the theater enthusiastic and happy.

With a committee of screenwriters and directed by Tim Miller (Oscar nominated for Best Animated Short, "Gopher Broke" but "an overpaid tool" according to the opening credits scroll), this production was initiated by comic-book fans who begged via the Internet for a screen version. To everyone's surprise, it happened. So this is primarily a genesis story, the beginnings of a beloved character: how it all started and why.

Here is part of the HUGE cast:
  • Ryan Reynolds ("Woman in Gold") is Wade, a former Special Forces officer turned mercenary. His work is pretty harmless, e.g., he stops a high-school bully; but after a cancer diagnosis and treatment, soon becomes Deadpool, a disfigured survivor with super powers. Now the action really begins as he tries to find and punish his own sadistic tormentor.
  • Morena Baccarin ("Firefly") Lovely Vanessa falls for Blackpool. Their "courtship" is bawdy and R-rated with flashes of nudity. (Reynolds strips many times; I can't tell if he's photo-shopped or not, but Oh MY...) She's a true-blue sweetheart who doesn't want to give up on him.
  • Ed Skrein ("Game of Thrones") Ajax is the ultimate villain; to his dismay, Deadpool keeps calling him by his wimpy REAL name. Like our hero, he too is virtually indestructible and their constant (and bloody) battles prove it.
  • T.J. Miller (Lots of voice work and TV) Weasel is Wade's bartender and friend...sorta. When the chips are down he'd rather not help.
  • Stefan Kapicic ("One Shot") is the voice of Colossus, the gigantic super hero who keeps trying to recruit our hero into their ranks. Deadpool does NOT want to be a super hero because they have too many rules!
  • Brianna Hildebrand ("Prism") Negasonic Teenage Warhead makes the perfect sidekick for super hero Colossus. She blows things up.
  • Leslie Uggams ("Nurse Jackie") Blind Al is the ideal landlady: she can't see Deadpool's ugly face. She misses cocaine...
  • Stan Lee ("Avengers" and all other Marvel productions) We cheered when our beloved icon made his regular cameo appearance. This time he's a DJ!
The soundtrack tickles our memory. Familiar music is almost subliminal at times; other times it gets pretty loud! Expect endless fisticuffs, vehicular mayhem, gunfire and blowie uppie stuff, while quips and comments zip around; expect an occasional dropping of the fourth wall when the person turns and speaks directly to you. We in the audience are never forgotten: at one point Deadpool reaches up and moves the camera to one side because, he explains, he's going to do something he doesn't want us to see.

By the way, for some of the trailers, Ryan Reynolds surprised me, he provides his version of Hollywood's voiceover legend, the late Don Fontaine. And don't forget, this is a Marvel production, so stay through the final credits.
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Here is a link to a trailer:
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