Melissa McCarthy's comedy has an unfortunate tendency to go over the top; I'm happy to report that this is NOT the case here (and you WILL become inured to the f-word after the first 20 times you hear it). Written and directed by Paul Feig ("Bridesmaids," and "The Heat"), we are transported to an R-rated James Bond'ish film, complete with iconic title credits and a song that evokes the genre.

This movie opens in the middle of an important mission to find and confiscate a nuclear device before it can be used against the United States. We see a supremely effective American CIA agent in constant communication with his high-tech handler in Langley, although they aren't even on the same continent. She provides tactical information from heat-detecting devices to warn him of approaching enemies. They make a top-notch team...until he is killed. Now the CIA needs a new face that isn't known to the enemy.

The cast:
  • Jude Law ("Hugo") is perfect as the super agent. He has the looks, the manner and the wardrobe.
  • Melissa McCarthy ("Identity Thief") is his heartbroken handler. She had been carrying a secret torch for her partner and now wants revenge, so she volunteers. Each new identity is more challenging (and funnier) than the last.
  • Allison Janney ("Mom") is their boss. She doesn't like our heroine, but knows it is vital to prevent that nuclear device from being smuggled into the United States...and our gal's face isn't known...
  • Rose Byrne ("Neighbors") This glamorous super-spy (with lots of hair!) is negotiating a deal. Nuclear devices are extremely profitable!
  • Jason Statham ("Parker") You have NEVER heard such an egotistical, overly confident bunch of twaddle in your life. Statham is clearly having a ball doing a hilarious sendup of his usual super-macho personae.
  • Miranda Hart ("Call the Midwife") Meanwhile, back at Langley, our heroine's gawky BFF has become, by default, her handler. She's confused and frightened but she's not stupid!
  • Bobby Cannavalle ("Danny Collins") This wealthy industrialist is in the market for a nuclear device.
Of course we travel to lovely locations: Italy (one Italian agent learned his British accent from watching "Downton Abbey"); MANY scenic spots in Hungary; plus some great locales in France. We see vehicular mayhem (with our heroine on a scooter), physical combat (she's surprisingly good), numerous gunfights (she's a crack shot) and some aerial stunts (she learned on the trainer at Langley). We do NOT see sweaty bodies or blowie uppie stuff...(well, just a little bit).

We enjoy laugh-out-loud comedy with very few "fat" jokes. Even though we see agents, double agents and even a triple agent or two, we have several people to root for and we can trust that this will have a happy ending. Whew!
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