This delightful comedy/romance is written and directed by Stuart Acher. The official release date in the United States is October 10, 2014, but I haven't seen it in any local theater. I'm so happy to finally see it available for streaming on Amazon.

It features:
  • Madeline Zima (Lots of TV) as Holly, the young lady who keeps texting someone...
  • Joel David Moore ("Avatar") as Guy, the young man who had vowed chastity until "the right one" comes along. Texting irritates him.
In a nutshell, we open on the morning after a one-night stand. The woman awakens and quietly slips out of bed. She dresses and steps out of a house only to realize she is miles from the bar where she left her car. She slips back in, strips, and quietly slips back into bed. When the fellow awakens, she pretends to wake up and be dismayed to be without her car. She says she will call a cab, so naturally he offers to give her a ride.

Once in his car, they no more than enter the freeway when they are stuck in the mother of all traffic jams. Most of the rest of the film is about them getting acquainted, while at the same time, we in the audience see flashbacks which incrementally fill us in on how each of them came to be in that bar where they met. We also realize that each of them is a really good person. The dialogue cleverly alludes to things that we just learned, so we understand each person's position far better than the other does. We are sort of insiders as they get acquainted.

They fight, they laugh, they watch (and are watched by) the neighboring vehicles. We come to recognize the mother with the crying baby, the man who desperately needs to pee, and the truck driver ogling our heroine. We (and they) discover that she is a lawyer (he hates lawyers) and he is a CPA. After one verbal spat, she says, "Okay! Let's just not talk for five minutes!"

To which he retorts, "Are you giving me a time out IN MY OWN CAR? Get out and look at my license plate. It says 'April 15' because I'm a CPA and I do taxes!"

"I hate taxes!"

The dialogue is authentic and so are the characters. We start rooting for them about half an hour into the film, so this is an entertaining and satisfying film. Amazon has offered the DVD so I OWN IT!
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Here is a sample:
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