Gone Girl

Did Nick Dunne kill his wife Amy? This unpredictable movie is predictably unpredictable in the most unpredictable way. With a screenplay cleverly crafted by Gillian Flynn, author of the wildly successful novel of the same name, this R-rated mystery/thriller loses none of its gut-wrenching punch. Under the award-winning direction of David Fincher ("The Social Network") this 149-minute story is forthrightly sexual (these ARE consenting adults) and richly earns the rating.

An attractive, happily married wife disappears from her home in a Missouri town; her husband is alarmed and calls the police. The more we see, the less we know. The press is avidly seeking a sensational story and this one seems to fill the bill. To avoid any spoilers, I can say very little more than that.

We watch:
  • Ben Affleck ("Argo") is Nick Dunne, the beleaguered husband trying to find his missing wife. If only he were perfect....
  • Rosamond Pike ("The World's End") is Amy Dunne, our "Gone Girl." Formerly the role model for "Amazing Amy," her parents' successful children's books, she is now finding her own niche.
  • Carrie Coon ("The Leftovers") is terrific as Margo, our hero's twin sister. She is steady, loyal and utterly furious about what she learns when her brother hides out at her place.
  • Kim Dickens ("Sons of Anarchy") is absolutely wonderful as Detective Rhonda Boney, in my opinion the most sane person in the story.
  • Neil Patrick Harris ("How I Met Your Mother") is Desi, the poor little rich boy Amy left behind.
  • Missi Pyle ("The Artist") is spot-on as the blond TV personality who puts her own lurid spin on the story as it unfolds. Hers is a perfect send-up of Nancy Grace of TV tabloid fame.
  • Sela Ward ("House") is the TV journalist who comes in to help.
  • Tyler Perry ("Alex Cross") is Tanner Bolt, a highly successful lawyer who specializes in high-profile, hopeless cases.
Most of the people in the theater had read the book, unlike the young man walking near me as we exited the theater. To say that he was in  shock is an understatement. Be warned....
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Try to get a hint from this trailer:
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