Romance & Cigarettes

Brace yourself! This hard R-rated romp from 2005 is almost impossible to categorize. Is it a comedy? Is it a romance? Is it a musical? Is it a farce? By the time you see Christopher Walken sing "Delilah" beneath the window of his lost love, it no longer matters. When the Coen brothers produce a quirky movie, you KNOW the soundtrack will be memorable.

Art house favorite John Turturro ("Fading Gigolo") both wrote and directed this goofy little thing (IMDb calls it "down-and-dirty") and look who he enlisted to help:
  • James Gandolfini ("Enough Said") is Nick, an unfaithful husband, sorta repentant, but still tempted. He's cheating on...
  • Susan Sarandon ("Tammy") Yeah... Can you believe it? She is Kitty, his beleaguered wife, trying to understand him.
  • Kate Winslet ("Divergent") Once you see TULA, you understand. You have NEVER seen Winslet so outrageously seductive and wild (or heard such a potty mouth!).
  • Elaine Stritch ("30 Rock") is Nick's mother who...Oh you know Stritch. She's unique all over again.
  • Steve Buscemi ("Boardwalk Empire") is one of Nick's co-workers. Their chats during their lunch breaks, perched on the structural steel of a new high rise, are unforgettable peeks into his X-rated brain.
Of course we have an assortment of daughters, their boyfriends and all the conflict THAT engenders, plus some fellows circling Kitty, hoping that she'll pull the plug on her marriage.

This was recommended to me by the Swedish branch of JayFlix. Thanks folks. I have this DVD in my personal collection, otherwise no one would believe me!
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Here is a sample:
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