A LEGO Brickumentary

This interesting documentary from Denmark is narrated by Jason Bateman and co-directed by Daniel Junge and Kief Davidson. You can expect humor throughout the 95 minutes of this G-rated film but even more, you can expect some mind-boggling information about this seemingly simple little toy.

Interviews with geeks who proudly claim the title, teach us that they hold conventions, compete on many levels in many different formats and generally hold this modest creation in very high esteem. Little known fact: The factory where this toy was first built, burned down not once, not twice, but THREE times! Each time it was rebuilt to larger specs and went right on making Legos®. Today they make 100,000 pieces per MINUTE and there now exist over 100,000 pieces for every man, woman and child on earth.

Applications abound:
  • A therapist named "Dr Legoff" (no kidding!) successfully treats children with Autism. They learn how to work as a three-person team and it is remarkable!
  • People from rock stars to basketball heroes play with Legos® to relax.
  • We see an artist (a former lawyer) create an amazing show that draws not only adult aficionados and children, but legitimate art critics!
  • We see interviews at MIT, in Japan, Denmark, the Prague, plus countless other cities, where children and adults express their admiration and love for their favorite pastime.
  • Legos® are used by movie makers, Master Builders, NASA, architects, city planners, and hobbyists, to name just a few. 
  • A mathematician at a chalkboard is still working on the "infinite possibilities" offered in the Legos® world.
One of the officials at Lego® recalled when the company almost had to close its doors in the late 1990s because their market tanked. To quote this unusual official, "It was great because we had no one to blame but ourselves!"

Enter the creative people who had been merrily building things all along, their only limitation was their own imagination. When the company realized what a gold mine they represented, they promptly joined forces and nothing has ever been the same. At Mattell, Barbie® rules, at Hasbro, it's GI Joe®, in the Lego® world, the customers shape their future.

I found this lively piece to be interesting from beginning to end. Others in our 2014 Seattle International Film Festival weren't quite so enthralled. I was impressed by how international the staff is and how ubiquitous the toy is. I haven't begun to cover all the fun facts and faces; you'll have to see it yourself.
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