The Other Woman

Chick Flick Alert! No one does them better than director Nick Cassevetes ("The Notebook") when he's in the mood. Working with writer Melissa Stack in her first full-length project (I'll keep an eye out for this talented gal), this pair knows how to deliver a punch straight to where we live. This guilty pleasure is a perfect showcase for the hilarious Leslie Mann and the fearless Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (in a wild departure from "Game of Thrones"), but the others are laugh-out-loud funny, too.

Being a successful lady killer can have its perils when the ladies involved are:
  • Cameron Diaz ("Bad Teacher") as Carly, as successful attorney betrayed by her lover...
  • Nikolaj Coster-Waldau ("Headhunters") Mark, who is the irresistibly handsome Lothario married to...
  • Leslie Mann ("This is 40") Kate. After an initial rough patch, the wife and the mistress quickly discover that he also is courting...
  • Kate Upton ("Tower Heist") Amber, who feels betrayed when a fourth woman is spotted being canoodled by this three-timer.
  • Nicki Minaj ("Ice Age" voice) is Lydia, the brassy secretary who tells Carly that "liars live longer."
  • Don Johnson ("Machete") is Carly's proud father, often married, rarely sorry.
It is clear that we are in good hands when the movie opens with a gorgeous aerial shot of New York City and Etta James singing "I Want a Sunday Kind of Love." ...sigh...

Rated PG-13, you will see no nudity and hear no profanity, but there are several segments where the women get drunk together. I have never seen such terrific physical comedy that features women! I'll have to buy the DVD because I know there were whole chunks of the witty dialogue that got by me.
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Here is some of the mayhem:
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