As a rule, I mention it when a movie is made for a targeted audience; this one definitely is, and it hits the bullseye! Every 20'ish young man in the audience applauded with each knife thrust, bullet smack, beheading and torture. They laughed out loud at the R-rated vulgarities that flew off the screen and chatted happily as we exited the theater. Needless to say, I am NOT part of that targeted group, so I was less than thrilled.

We begin with an elite DEA undercover team as it raids a drug cartel's safe house. Our heroes do something illegal with $10M before blowing up the rest. When they go back to pick up their stash, it's gone. With the investigation that follows, our story begins....

One by one, our guys are killed in horrific ways (not necessarily in this order):
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger ("The Last Stand") Breacher is the team leader. While he is under investigation, his team starts to suspect each other.
  • Sam Worthington ("Somersault") Monster has one weakness: his wife.
  • Terrence Howard ("Prisoners") Sugar keeps a low profile.
  • Joe Manganiello ("Magic Mike") Grinder wants to set things straight.
  • Max Martini ("Captain Phillips") Pyro is my favorite.
  • Mirelle Enos ("Gangster Squad") Lizzy seems to be a loose cannon.
  • Kevin Vance ("End of Watch") Tripod has his own safe house.
  • Josh Holloway ("Mission Impossible") Neck has poor taste in tattoos.
  • Olivia Williams ("Hyde Park on Hudson") is a homicide detective pulled in waaay over her head!
Writer/Director David Ayer ("Fury") is far more focused on gruesome action than finesse. That suited his audience just fine. Not me....
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Here is a sample:
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