The Decoy Bride

This one caught my eye only because I am a fan of David Tennant ("Blackpool") so it really was a pig in a poke. What I bought was actually a lovely little romantic comedy that has some of the wittiest dialogue I've had the pleasure to hear, no bad guys, and several people to root for.

We are on a remote island in the Hebrides (off the coast of Scotland) where an internationally known movie star is trying to get married without the army of paparazzi who relentlessly hound her tracks. Her publicist and her staff have scouted out a castle on this particular island based on her favorite book written by her fiancé (he sorta cheated when he wrote that book). They need a decoy to lure the photographers off the scent.

Here are some of the actors:
  • Alice Eve ("Star Trek into Darkness") is that famous actress. Not only is she famous, she's beautiful, kind, clever and smart.
  • David Tennant ("Dr. Who") is the author of her favorite book. He now has writer's block but is utterly agog over his lovely fiancĂ©e.
  • Kelly MacDonald ("Boardwalk Empire") is a local girl come home to lick her wounds. She had followed a musician to London but discovered she still has a knack for finding guys who have a fear of commitment.
Our actress's staff decides to do a faux wedding to throw the paparazzi off track. They offer our local girl a LOT of cash; it's tempting because her terminally ill mother wants to see the world before she dies.

This is a cheery little film with charming people, an off-beat hamlet, eccentric locals and lovely scenery. It's sweetly predictable and I'm soooo glad!

IMPORTANT NOTE: A JayFlix person told me he found this in Sweden under "The Other Bride."
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Here is a preview:
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