Promised Land

Cheap, clean energy is the Holy Grail of our time. No matter what method is used, there will always be a downside. Here we have a couple of Hollywood actors airing their own one-dimensional point of view about natural gas and fracking in a twisty and not-very-subtle manner, although it is painfully obvious that they are trying to be "fair."

I feel their condescension and that makes me hostile, so instead, let's discuss who's in this thing:
  • Matt Damon ("Contagion") works for the natural gas company. His job is to convince the local farmers to give permission for his company to drill for natural gas. He's just a little naïve.
  • John Krasinski ("Big Miracle") is the environmentalist sent to stir things up with the local townspeople. This guy is slick.
  • Frances McDormand ("Moonrise Kingdom") is Damon's sidekick. Both of them demonstrate terrific selling techniques and sign up the locals as fast as they can. She just needs the job so she can regain custody of her son.
  • Rosemary DeWitt ("Your Sister's Sister") is a local elementary school teacher who just happens to be celebrating her birthday. ...smile...
  • Hal Holbrook ("Lincoln") is a local high-school teacher; problem is, he is brilliantly qualified to discuss the issue of fracking, but smart enough to avoid being abrasive.
  • Titus Welliver ("Argo") runs the local service station/snack bar which advertises: Gas, Guns, Guitars and Groceries. This is to show us how backward this town is....
Mr. Damon says they want this movie to "start a conversation" about fracking and natural gas production, but I'd prefer to talk about this: Please, please, have actors carry hot coffee in those cardboard cups they flail around. They would quickly learn that no one could EVER carry coffee like they do without hurting themselves and everyone within a four-foot radius.

Gus Van Sant ("Good Will Hunting") directed this R-rated movie, with the script written by Damon and Krasinski, who also produced. These are a couple of decent fellows who at least put their money where their mouths are. Thanks guys.

I'd like to point out that this conversation is already well under way. There are a few of us in this country who are already critically aware of the pros and cons and will find our way without being gulled into your conversation. Sorry...
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Here is a link to a preview:
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