Sin Bin

We have a shy teenage boy who has "custody" of his older brother's van. He has converted it into a trysting place for his wealthier prep school classmates (he's on a scholarship) and his biggest job is to keep all the scheduling straight. His horny classmates are (sorta) raunchy but basically good kids. We don't have any gunfire, vehicular mayhem, sweaty bodies or blowie uppie stuff, just teenage issues with jealousy, shyness and inexperience...plus typical adolescent lust and greed...and a little nudity.

There are no doubt some up-and-coming young actors in this large cast of high-school students, but I did NOT like:
  • The incessant pot smoking.
  • The anatomical detail.
  • The lack of any concern about whether or not their behavior is okay. In fact, one girl says, "It isn't really about the sex. It just gives me something to do, ya know? An activity? Gets me out of the house."
Despite a lack of predictability, our 2012 Seattle International Film Festival audience found this inane coming-of-age comedy to be a resounding "Eh."