Any Day Now

This one blind-sided many of the 2012 Seattle International Film Festival audience members. Our SIFF program description was cogent, but many of us jumped to unwarranted conclusions. (This was first reviewed in June, 2012.)

Suffice it to say, this poignant drama is brilliantly acted and the script perfectly captures the dilemma of gays who wanted to adopt children back "in the day..." We see a female impersonator who lives across the hall from a drug addict. When she is arrested, he steps in and shelters her teenage son, who has Down's Syndrome. Thus begins our story....

We see:
  • Alan Cumming ("Burlesque"), who gets to display his entertainer chops in this perfectly suited role. His character has met a lawyer who happens to work in the District Attorney's office, so when Child Protection Services takes away the boy, our hero needs help and that's who he calls.
  • Garret Dillahunt ("Killing Them Softly") is our closeted lawyer. After he successfully sues for custody, he and the impersonator become so deeply involved in the boy's life they create their own family.
  • Isaac Leyva (in his first movie role) is the boy who is central to this story. His would-be dads get him glasses, help him with his schoolwork, take him Trick or Treating, and generally give him the home he's never had.
  • Chris Mulkey (Lots of TV) is the District Attorney who realizes one of his lawyers is in the closet, so he promptly fires him!
  • Frances Fisher ("Jolene") is the judge who conducts the custody hearing.
This one is involving, interesting, unpredictable, and from a clothing standpoint, a trip down the Memory Lane of Men's Fashions. ...smile...
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Here is a link to a trailer:
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