The Secret World of Arrietty

No one can recreate that first raindrop hitting a dry stone like Anime! We don't even remember what it looks like until we see it on the big screen. Charming Disney production and lovely Japanese Anime – a marriage made in watercolor-hued heaven – gives us an unlikely friendship between Spiller, a teenage boy, and Arrietty, a girl who is four inches tall. She is one of the "little people" who borrow from humans.

Do you remember "The Borrowers" from three previous versions? There is something about this idea that is captivating, i.e., little folks who live unnoticed among us, taking only what they need. Great theory for all those missing socks!

You may recognize a few voices from the two English language versions:
  • Bridgit Mendler (lots of TV) is Arrietty, American version; a happy, obedient girl, mastering the skills necessary to live in the walls and floorboards of a house while hiding from (human) "beings."
  • Saoirse Ronan ("Hanna") is Arrietty, UK version; she reminds us that Borrowers do not steal unnecessary items.
  • Moises Arias (lots of TV and the upcoming "Ender's Game") is Spiller, American version; a kind, lonely boy whose only friend is his aunt's cat.
  • Luke Allen-Gale (lots of TV and "Captain America") is Spiller, UK version; his heart surgery is scheduled and he hopes his future will be healthier.
  • Will Arnett (lots of TV and the upcoming "Arrested Development") is Pod, American version; taciturn and strong, a perfect but distant father figure.
  • Mark Strong ("The Guard") is Pod, UK version; is there anything this actor can't do?
The children in the audience were mesmerized by the challenge of climbing up an ivy vine or rappelling down the front of a kitchen cabinet when you're only four inches tall. The contrast between standard size and miniature is fascinating, e.g., when a lone sugar cube becomes an item of vital interest between these two youngsters.

For excitement, we have a house cat who sees Borrowers as prey, and Sadako, the maid/housekeeper, who suspects there are "little thieves" infesting their house so she calls the exterminators. Eek!

This takes place in Japan, so I was interested to see that the Mercedes had the steering wheel on the left, while the Japanese car had it on the right. Little touches like that please me. And I was relieved when Sadako cut air holes in the jar lid so her tiny captive wouldn't suffocate.

We always need someone to root for and Arrietty and her family are just the ticket!
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