Hall Pass

Raunch, raunch, raunch; full frontal nudity, female AND male (lengthy shots, if you get what I mean); absurd dialogue; over-the-top situations; and I laughed out loud waaay more than I should. That's the Farrelly brothers for you. You laugh in spite of yourself but you wouldn't want anyone you like or respect to see you.

Through a series of contrived misunderstandings, two long-married couples end up with hall passes. This means that for a week, they aren't married. It's a calculated risk because the wives are pretty sure their husbands' experiences won't live up to their fantasies. Of course, these gals don't foresee the hall passes working both ways but each ends up with her own unexpected dilemma. So you see, you get four epiphanies for the price of one!

As usual, the Farrellys can assemble the most outrageous cast:
  • Owen Wilson - This unlikely looking guy seems to play the same fellow no matter what the film ("Marley and Me" and "Little Fockers"). His character is the first recipient of a "Hall Pass" and can't believe his good fortune.
  • Jason Sudeikis - You pronounce it, I can't. This "Saturday Night Live" alum plays our hero's best friend with the most vivid fantasies...and the dirtiest mouth!
  • Jenna Fischer - Probably best known for her day job in "The Office," her character here is a long-suffering wife and mother who feeds her husband's "posse" during their poker games.
  • Christina Applegate ("Samantha Who?") plays the other wife with a hall pass.
  • Stephen Merchant - This gawky (6'7") Brit is a producing partner ("Extras") with Ricky Gervais. His character is part of the posse which advises our hero during his temporary "freedom."
  • Richard Jenkins - What a chameleon! This time he's a Keith Richards type and he's so good that it took me a while to realize who he was. This is light years from his autistic dad in "Dear John."
  • Bruce Thomas - Yum! This actor is far too handsome for his own good, remember him as the UPS guy in "Forever Blonde?" Well, he's even handsomer now!
  • Kathy Griffith - As herself in a much-anticipated cameo.
  • Joy Behar - As the self-help expert who suggests the "Hall Pass." Is she still on "The View?"
  • Appleby's - May I ask who is in charge of their product placement? Good job!
Some of the action sequences are truly funny and the audience enjoyed every minute. On the other hand, I don't recommend it...I have too much respect for you!