All About Steve

C'mon...this movie wasn't nearly as bad as some critics said. In fact, there were a number of laugh-out-loud moments, and it's always fun to look at Bradley Cooper ("Hangover" and "He's Just Not That Into You"). Cooper is a cameraman for a dimwitted television newscaster, played to perfection by Thomas Hayden Church ("Imagine That" and "Sideways"), who desperately wants to break into the Big Time.

Cooper's mother has arranged a blind date for him with a friend's bright but eccentric daughter, fearlessly played by Sandra Bullock ("The Proposal" and "Infamous"), who is never afraid to look goofy, act silly or get really, really dirty (as in DIRT - she falls down a mine shaft!). Bullock's character constructs crossword puzzles for a local Sacramento newspaper and has absolutely NO personal life. Once she sets eyes on her handsome date though, she dashes back upstairs (she lives with her parents), changes into sexier clothes and jumps his bones before they leave her parents' driveway.

He is flabbergasted and very uncomfortable with her aggressive moves, so is grateful when his cell phone interrupts and he is immediately dispatched to cover a distant media event involving a deformed baby. Her next crossword puzzle is "All About Steve" and when he hears about it, he begins to fear that she might become a stalker. As a result of that puzzle, she loses her job, so sets out to follow him...thus confirming his worst fears.

Soon, our intrepid news team is off to Galveston, Texas to cover a hurricane, with Bullock and some newfound friends in hot pursuit. Cooper's boss, played by Keith David ("Gamer" and "Coraline"), has decided to fire this inept team until their next assignment lands them in Colorado where a media circus erupts with his boys right smack in the center ring.

Because I am an avid crossword puzzle fan, I can relate to the wealth of little-known facts that our heroine has at the tip of her tongue; because she is uncomfortable in public, she blabs away, non stop, and I can relate to THAT, as well! In addition, I like stories where characters can learn things about themselves and grow. Hey, I'm trying, I'm trying...

I think my favorite moment was when Bullock smoothed Church's hairdo with spit just before he went on camera.