The Time Traveler's Wife

This sweet, heartwarming film sticks pretty close to the best-selling novel by Audrey Niffenegger. I suppose you could call it a romance, but then again it's sorta sci fi... Our Time Traveler, played by Eric Bana ("Funny People" and "Troy") has a genetic disorder that causes him to skip in and out of time periods in a semi-random fashion. He tends to visit the same locations so there is a faint sense of predictability, but he can't control his departures or arrivals, nor can he pick a target date.

For a movie goer like me, it is worth mentioning that even though our hero can travel through time, his clothes can't! This means he arrives in the altogether each time he travels; so we see a LOT of Eric Bana, and that's a good thing! Let me hasten to add, this only results in full backtal nudity, not full frontal. ...smile...

The eponymous wife, played by the wonderful Rachel McAdams ("The Notebook" and "The Family Stone"), epitomizes the word "resilient." She is not only lovely, she is resourceful, accepting and smart.

Don't spend too much time trying to sort out the various timelines. People far better paid than we, have supposedly kept track of who knew what and when. Just relax and watch a capably presented, interesting, and often humorous story of two people caught in a terrible quandary: How do you make a life with someone who flits in and out of your own?

Ron Livingston ("Music Within" and "American Crude") is the first outsider pulled into this mystifying situation and his take on it is the same as ours would be: Denial, followed by bafflement, followed by a deep appreciation for the challenges it presents.

I won't include any spoilers. Just go see it and let me know what you think, okay?