Boy A

Who recommended this 2008 DVD? I got it from the library and just finished watching it. What a wrenching piece this is, but thank you, whoever you are...

Our story takes place in Manchester, England and centers around a young man who is being given a new identity and background by his parole officer, in hopes that he can build a new life now that he has paid his debt to society. He has spent many years in prison for a murder in which he was involved when he was a boy.

At the time it happened, that murder was a shocking and scandalous affair; the tabloids had a field day and the two boys became notorious. That is why it is now imperative that his new identity be kept a secret.

Our young man, very, very capably played by US-born, UK-raised Andrew Garfield ("Lions for Lambs" and "The Other Boleyn Girl"), takes tentative first steps as an adult in the outside world. He has a menial job but makes the most of it; he rents a room and is fastidious in its care; he wins a girlfriend, nicely wrought by Katie Lyons ("Sidney Turtlebaum"), and she finds him to be a considerate and passionate lover.

His parole officer, wonderfully played by Peter Mullan ("Children of Men"), realizes the delicate balance our young man must employ to keep an even keel, in what is to him, an over-stimulating environment. We are all so proud of his wavering progress.

This is a highly involving story with wonderful acting. Be prepared for a European approach to sex (...and that ain't all bad, ya know...!), great character development and flashbacks that really DO inform!

I liked this movie!