Not Easily Broken

Actor/Director Bill Duke gives us a realistic look at a contemporary marriage, warts and all. It wouldn't have been possible without the considerable skills of actress Tariji P. Henson ("The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and "Talk to Me"); her character has the most obvious "arc" and she provides the spark for our story. Her husband is played by the quietly authoritative Morris Chestnut ("The Perfect Holiday" and "The Game Plan") who shows us the moral underpinnings of their relationship. I don't mind saying that her ambitious, heedless and talkative character would tax any good man's soul. In fact, the middle section of the movie would be a good instruction manual on how NOT to treat one's spouse!

Also of note is the cringe-worthy mother-in-law, perfectly depicted by Jenifer Lewis ("Meet the Browns" and lots of voice and TV work), while Kevin Hart ("Fool's Gold" and "Drillbit Taylor") and the handsome Eddie Cibrian (LOTS of TV) provide comic relief as our hero's buddies.

The title is based on a three-stranded rope that is draped around the shoulders of our young couple during their marriage ceremony. Two of the strands represent the husband and wife, while the third strand represents God. The minister tells them that as long as all three are present in the marriage, their relationship will be strong and everything will go well.

This movie leans a tad toward "preachy," but if you have a healthy tolerance for movies of that ilk, you will find it nicely written and involving.