An American Carol

My WORD! A movie that doesn't echo the prevailing politics of Hollywood or network television. I went out of curiosity and ended up laughing out loud a number of times.

First of all let me extend my personal salute to the actors who had the courage to appear in this goofy thing:
  • Leslie Nielsen ("Airplane" and "Naked Gun") is obviously a favorite of Writer/Director David Zucker. Neilsen plays himself, a grandfather and backyard barbecue specialist who tells the story for the kidlets. They are willing to hear his story just so they don't have to eat his terrible cooking!
  • Kevin Farley ("LA Blues" and "Dog Gone") who is a terrific doppelganger for notorious real-life political gadfly Michael Moore. Farley's character is named Michael Malone, and he makes anti-American documentaries, but can't sell enough tickets to justify making any more, so now he is now trying to outlaw the Fourth of July in order to generate enough publicity for a new project.
  • James Woods ("Endgame" and "Northfork") is Malone's frustrated agent. He knows the next movie has to be a feature film or Malone's box office track record will doom his career.
  • Kelsey Grammer ("X-Men: The Last Stand" and "A Christmas Carol" in which he played Ebenezer himself!) is General George S. Patton, serving in this picture as Malone's escort to the Ghosts of America's Past, Present and Future. I laughed out loud the first time Patton slapped Malone, as that has become one of Patton's signature moves these days.
  • Jon Voigt ("Glory Road" and "Transformers") is George Washington, discussing the need for war when the situation warrants.
  • Chriss Anglin ("The Hitman Chronicles" and "The Parallel") is JFK. The physical resemblance is slight but his voice work is noteworthy.
  • Trace Adkins ("Trailer Park of Terror") is The Angel of Death. He is the country singer who is featured at Madison Square Garden, the site for the climactic scenes of the movie.
  • Dennis Hopper ("Sleepwalking" and "Swing Vote") is a judge who wearies of ACLU lawyers.
  • Bill O'Reilly is himself.

There are three stooges...oops, I mean three terrorists... who intend to blow up Madison Square Garden during a Fourth of July celebration. Two have been honored to be next in line for all those virgins, but they are understandably reluctant.

I looked this up on IMDb and here is what it said: WARNING! This movie may be offensive to children, young people, old people, in-the-middle people, some people on the right, all people on the left, terrorists, pacifists, war-mongers, fish mongers, Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists, agnostics (though you'd have to prove it to them), the ACLU, liberals, conservatives, neo-cons, ex-cons, future cons, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, people of color, people of no color, English speakers, English-as-a-second language speakers, non-speakers, men, women, more women, & Ivy League professors. Native Americans should be okay.
Any questions?