Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

Michael Cera ("Superbad," "Arrested Development" and "Juno") has the sweetest face. He can look hesitant, honest, smart and loveable, all at the same time. He is Nick, brokenhearted because he was recently dumped by Tris, an unfaithful, heartless wench, played by Alexis Dziena ("Fool's Gold" and "Broken Flowers").

He is a straight guy who plays guitar in a band whose other three members are gay. During the course of one chaotic evening, he encounters Norah, played by Kat Dennings ("The 40-Year-Old Virgin" and "The House Bunny") who has just broken up with a friend...with benefits...a euphemism for...you know...portrayed by Jay Baruchel ("Tropic Thunder" and "Knocked Up"). We can tell right away that he clearly doesn't deserve her.

Norah seems to feel responsible for the well-being of her chronically irresponsible best friend Caroline, vastly overplayed by Ari Graynor ("Mystic River"), who does things with a stick of chewing gum that you really do NOT want to watch!

This is a gross-out comedy, funny in many ways, cruel in many others, but always brought back to sanity by the calm, sensible instincts of our loveable hero Nick. It was a hoot watching him grind and backfire his way around New York City streets in his rusty, (semi-) trusty old Yugo!