Iron Man

Ya know, in a classic comedy, how a pack of dogs comes racing through a house, barking? And then, after they are gone, a little one comes yipping along, waaay behind? In some of the comic sequences of "Iron Man," keep an eye on the fire extinguisher! ...I'm just sayin'...

Here is a delightful movie that has it all! Lots of CGI with generous portions of blowie uppie stuff; lots of wise cracks made by bright witty folks; a smart guy in a battle of brains with another smart guy (one of my favorite plot devices); a lippy computer; a sweet dollop of a love interest; lots of pretty clothes; fast cars; sleek airplanes; and hi-tech offices and labs...plus that diligent fire extinguisher... The US Military is not portrayed as a bunch of knee-jerk thugs, and people are allowed to have a change of heart.

Robert Downey, Jr ("Chaplin," "Soapdish," "Zodiak," "Good Night, and Good Luck") is a walking, talking miracle. Initiated into the wild, wacky world of drugs by an overindulgent father before the age of ten, he has been on the slippery slope to self destruction most of his adult life. After his last stint in rehab and jail, he was divorced and no longer insurable, so his good friend Mel Gibson (they starred together in "Air America"), to demonstrate his belief in him, personally insured "The Singing Detective" and Downey was back on the path to stardom. This time, he is clean, sober, straight and still incredibly talented.

This delicious film uses his good looks, his likeability, his wit and his intelligence as he plays a wealthy, handsome, charming and most of all, SMART, heir to an international arms-manufacturing consortium. His right-hand man is Jeff Bridges ("Starman," "Seabiscuit," "The Big Lebowski" and "Arlington Road"), while his Girl Friday, a lovely secretary/assistant par excellence is played by Gwyneth Paltrow ("Infamous," "Proof," "Possession" and "Shallow Hal). His patient college chum, now an Army officer, is played by Terrence Howard ("August Rush," "Pride," "Ray" and "Crash").

We see the genesis of a graphic novel hero (Marvel Comics icon and creator Stan Lee even appears as himself according to the credits, but I missed him), the how and the why. This should be HUGE, and rightly so!

Did I miss anything?