Run, Fatboy, Run

Now with a title like this, you really don't anticipate some sort of elevated "ART," do you? This movie title epitomizes "Truth in Advertising!" ART it certainly is NOT, but as a way to waste an evening, it's okay... My expectations for Director David Schwimmer (one of the "Friends" cast members), are mediocre at best anyway.

How does one oversimplify an overly simple plot? Simon Pegg ("Hot Fuzz" and also co-writer) is a clueless, lazy, mildly overweight under-achiever who jilted his pregnant fiancée at the altar five years before our story begins. The fiancée, played by Thandie Newton ("Crash" and "Mission Impossible II") is a forgiving, endlessly patient single mom who tolerates his tardiness, forgetfulness and slovenly appearance because it is clear to her that he truly loves their son, Jake. She has, however, met a paragon. This ideal man, portrayed beautifully by Hank Azaria ("America's Sweethearts" and "The Birdcage" - he was the hilarious houseboy in the thong), has a high-status job, elegant taste and adores Thandie.

This résumé would be bad enough, but he is also buying his way into little Jake's affections with tickets to shows and access to high-end toys. With a combination of ignorance, bluff and braggadocio, our hero blunders his way into entering "The Nike River Run," a London marathon, simply to show Jake (AND his mother) that he too, can be a super-achiever.

Because it is co-written by Simon Pegg, be prepared for crass humor, slams to the crotch and overwrought emoting, but also know that his heart's in the right place and he wants to show that perseverance IS important and love conquers all. (You cannot imagine how this race could possibly end, particularly when he ends up running for the "Erectile Dysfunction Society.") I was entertained, but was also aware that some of you might be offended.