James Marsden is donning the mantle where Cary Elwes left it... You know...playing sort of dim bulbs, but incredibly good looking, just the same. In fact, "Enchanted" bears a passing resemblance to "The Princess Bride," in that we are watching an unapologetic fantasy, and the characters put everything they have into it. There is no irony, nor should there be.

Here you have Giselle, played by Amy Adams ("Talladega Nights" and "Junebug") a sweet cartoon soprano who sings with the birdies, bunnies, deer, chipmunks, mice, etc., in her enchanted forest, happily awaiting her Prince Charming. Sure enough, handsome, heroic Prince Edward, played by James Marsden ("The Notebook," "Superman Returns" and "Hairspray") hears her trills and comes galloping to her side. His mother, played by Susan Sarandon ("The Banger Sisters" and "Dead Man Walking") will have none of it and tricks Giselle into falling down a magic well.

If you've seen the trailers, you know Giselle exits the well via a manhole in Times Square, right in the middle of traffic! From then on, there is no animation and we are treated to live action and extraordinarily beautiful people. Patrick Dempsey ("Sweet Home, Alabama" and "Iron-Jawed Angels") plays Robert Philip, a divorced divorce attorney, a single parent, who is edging his way toward proposing to his five-year steady...although his six-year-old daughter isn't too thrilled about it.

Through one device or another, Giselle ends up staying with him and his daughter in his place near Central Park, because he can't figure out where to send her and she is utterly confused by "real life!" Naturally, her Prince Charming is hot on her trail and is determined to save her from the dangers he encounters from all sides!

This is a Disney movie in every sense of the word. The audience was charmed, amused and... dare I say... enchanted? I always view taking along a youngster as a good "hall pass" to justify attending these things. Find one.