Heartbreak Kid

Would you forgive me for being curious? The Farrelly Brothers doing a Neil Simon script? It seemed odd and I think the "ick factor" prevailed for me. I LIKE some of those guys movies, so I really did have an open mind.

The story is basically about a man who falls in love with the Love of His Life on his honeymoon. This updated script gives Ben Stiller ("There's Something About Mary" and "Dodgeball") ample reason to become disenchanted with his brand new bride. His father, played by his father, Jerry Stiller ("Zoolander" and LOTS of TV) is a foul-mouthed dirty old man and the supporting players give us varying degrees of not-so-nice.

You know me, I want people I like well enough that I can root for them. I admit I giggled a couple of times, but bottom line: I didn't much like it...sorry...