My Cousin Vinny

I know, I know. This thing is DECADES old! But it might have slipped past you like it did me when it first came out. My son and daughter-in-law told me about it at least 10 years ago and what a revelation! I KNOW it is still available...

This little 1992 gem stars Joe Pesci ("Lethal Weapon" and "Goodfellas") and Academy Award winner Marisa Tomei ("What Women Want" and "In The Bedroom") as two fish-out-of-water New Yorkers who go to Alabama because Pesci's nephew Ralph Macchio ("The Karate Kid" and "The Outsiders") has been charged with the murder of a convenience store clerk. (He thought he was being arrested because he inadvertently shoplifted a can of tuna.)

The subsequent trial is presided over by a lugubrious Fred Gwynne ("The Munsters" and "Pet Sematary") in his final role before his death in 1993. The major problem is that Pesci's character had to take the bar exam six times before he finally passed and has NEVER had a case go to trial before. He has been specializing in personal injury cases and settles out of court. You will LOVE how he deals with one of the town toughs who lost a pool game to Tomei but then refused to pay her.

Tomei's and Pesci's characters are beautifully matched. You will delight in their argument about the dripping faucet in the hotel room. Both of them LIVE to argue and thrive on their debates!

You can see by the movies I am referencing that many of the leads are no longer "hot" but what a treat to watch them in action. You will laugh out loud at Pesci's clothes and Gwynne's reaction to his accent, "Did you say 'youts'?" Tomei's outfits alone are worth the price of admission! In this Academy Award-winning role, she is outrageous, gorgeous and her character is smart as a whip! (Pesci's is no slouch, either!)

This is a well-crafted script and deserves a second look. You won't regret it... Particularly if you are in need of a good laugh!