A Prairie Home Companion

"A Prairie Home Companion" is pure Robert Altman, who just died within the past week (11-20-06). With his trademark overlapping dialogue, I always come away from his movies swearing to get the DVD so I can find out what they had been saying. This one is no different.

Kevin Kline ("Dave" and "Life as a House") seems to be reprising his role from Steve Martin's recent remake of the "Pink Panther." (He was the French police commissioner.) And Meryl Streep ("Stuck on You" and "The Devil Wears Prada") is annoying as always, but she CAN sing! ...and so can Lindsay Lohan ("The Parent Trap" and "Mean Girls").

Rounding out the cast are John C. Reilly ("Chicago" and "The Good Girl") and Woody Harrelson ("Ed TV" and "White Men Can't Jump"). Everybody sings with a "Country" vocal style, and Tommy Lee Jones ("The Fugitive" and "Coal Miner's Daughter") is properly menacing as the "suit" who is closing down the show.

One thing bothers a lot of us: The impression given at the end of the movie is that "Prairie Home Companion," the classic radio show, has been cancelled. Garrison Keillor should have known better! Don't be misled. It's still on the air, despite this movie.