The Count of Monte Cristo

I re-watched "The Count of Monte Cristo" the other night. I LOVE this version! The locations are breathtaking (Malta) and I like Jim Caviezel (from Mt. Vernon, WA). It was one of Richard Harris' last movies (other than his Harry Potter films), but he is so bearded, dirty and hairy, one would hardly recognize him...and that's a GOOD thing!

If you are a devoted fan of Alexandre Dumas, you will spot the change from the book, but it is so logical, you will be happy they did it. As the scriptwriter said, "If you want it exactly like the book, read the book! It's a good book!"

That Australian actor Guy Pearce ("Memento," "LA Confidential") makes an absolutely despicable bad guy and Luis Guzman ("Traffic") is the perfect sidekick for our Count. Great story, beautifully rendered! Maltin calls it "surprisingly good" and gives it three stars. If you didn't manage to catch this 2002 version in the theaters, please get it from Netflix.