40-Year-Old Virgin

This is one of those movies that looks like a snicker-and-grin type, you know, juvenile humor, crass teenage stuff, and lots of crude jokes. Well, yeah...but then...it actually has a sweet center to it. It is elevated by the wonderful performances of the two leads, Steve Carell ("Little Miss Sunshine" and "Bruce Almighty") and Catherine Keener ("Capote" and "Being John Malkovich").

As the title implies, Carell is our hapless hero who, through a series of completely understandable events, is in his current chronic state. He collects action figures - never takes them out of the boxes as that would detract from their value as collectors' items. He works in an electronics store and his co-worker/drinking buddies are just that until they tumble to his "condition."

After all of the unwelcome comments, including speculation that he is gay, they devote themselves to rectifying it - Speed Dating - Computer Dating - Sleazy Pickup Joints - etc., etc. He is just fastidious enough that he finds most of it fairly repugnant. He does, however, discover what poseurs his friends actually are, much to their chagrin, and leaves them to it!

Naturally, this is Hollywood, so watch the film and enjoy the romance... ...and the juvenile humor, crass teenage stuff, and lots of crude jokes... ...smile...we all do, ya know...